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West Burlington Completes Community Visioning Process!

This past Thursday, West Burlington staff attended the annual celebration and presentation of the Community Visioning Process.  At this annual wrap up session we were able to view the Community Visions for a number of cities across the state and share our process and proposed plans for community improvements.

Our Community Visioning focused on connectivity, safety, and way finding.  Some common themes throughout the process were a potential trailhead along the new trail, safe pedestrian crossings along Gear Avenue and at Broadway and Agency Streets, and wayfinding or gateway signage at key locations throughout West Burlington.

The Committee will wrap up the process with one final meeting and had over their recommendations to the City Council and staff for implementation of some or all of the concepts (final designs or plans may change as the current plans are simple concepts or ideas for implementation).

The City Council will then review and plan to implement its first project as part of this process.

The Feasibility Report and Well as the concept plans are attached for your review and continued input.  We are always excited to take input on potential or future projects!

Thank you to our Committee members for your commitment to the process, and to IDOT, Trees Forever, Iowa State University, ISU Students and our Landscape Architect for their time, talent and resources.

Check out the concepts below…






An Invitation to Participate in Designing Your Community

Please join us Thursday, September 28, 2023, at The Homestead 1839 for the presentation of the Community Visioning Final Concepts!

A special thank you to our committee members!

Here are the details…

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