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Design Workshop

Read about the Clarion community visioning design workshop on June 10 by clicking here: Clarion_Design_Workshop


April 5: Transportation Meeting

PRESENT: Andy Young, Dustin Rief, Barb Mussman, Mike Clayton (iDOT), Adam Clemons (Wright/Hancock County Engineer), Eric Doll (Landscape Architect), and Meredith Borchardt.

The group began by inventorying and mapping transportation features and talking through desired changes, assets, and barriers related to the local transportation system that have been expressed by the committee and community members to date.  Eric led the discussion and marked things on an aerial map. Dustin showed Wright County’s interactive GIS map on the TV. Meredith provided an overview of the Visioning program and where Clarion is in the process.  Dustin shared other related planning processes that are in the works that can tie in with Visioning efforts: parks master planning, county-wide trail planning, and concept planning for a new community recreation center.  In addition, Prestage Farms’ economic impact is projected to cause significant growth in new housing, increases in public school enrollment, and related economic activity.


In 2015, Hwy 3 was resurfaced between 3rd St and the railroad by the iDOT on the east end of town. There have been many positive comments on the sidewalks that were part of this project. County K will be reconstructed from the south end of town to the railroad tracks near the Depot in 2022.  A water main improvement project on South Main St could present an opportunity to construct a trail potentially in the year 2021. These projects relate to a desire expressed by the committee and community for a designated in-town trail that connects the medical facilities to downtown and more.

Adam shared that Nelson Ave (the road to Lake Cornelia) will be repaved from Hwy 3 north to the T intersection and will be widened to include 5′ paved shoulders plus a gravel shoulder.  There will be painted lines delineating the shoulder area.  There are already “Share the Road” signs along the road.  This nearly makes a connection to Lake Cornelia and Elm Lake and will make a significant step toward the county-wide trail system.  Distance markers were suggested as an amenity along this road.


Other potential areas for in-town trails include a flood plain area in the Southeast part of town and an abandoned rail corridor on the north.  North Central Co-op currently owns that area now and does not use it; some people already walk on it.

Pedestrian walkability downtown was discussed at length.  The several blocks along downtown Main Street have many restaurants, the Library, the Courthouse, and other businesses which all require parking.  Several intersections have blind corners. The addition of bump-outs with stop signs and reconfigured parking spaces would help accessibility. 

Pedestrian crossing of Hwy 3 was mentioned several times at the TAB workshop. There is currently a stop light at 4th St and some suggested it would be better placed at 6th St at the Frozen Yogurt shop. This is subject to a iDOT study and approval.

Entryway signs are currently on the east and west sides of town.  Three committee members are working on a community branding initiative.  Additional signs could be added on the County K entrances, and way-finding signs throughout the city would improve transportation. 

Two points of tourism include the Heartland Museum and 4-H Museum.  The 4H Museum is moving out to Heartland Museum to a prairie area and trail.  The project also include façade improvements of adjacent buildings along 9th St SW.

Flooding around Hansen Park and lack of access to Lion’s Park were discussed. Options for adding a loop through Lion’s Park were discussed.

Mike provided the group with common iDOT contacts for Community Visioning to help the committee navigate who at the iDOT should be contacted for various projects.

The next Visioning committee meeting will be on May 9 at 5pm at the Library to review all assessment information gathered to date.  Then, on May 16 the committee will meet with the design team. The meeting adjourned at 2:30.

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