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Click on the link to explore Calamus through a series of maps that illustrate the history and characteristics of the landscape, including topography, elevation, watersheds, vegetation, and circulation.

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Check out ISU's analysis of the focus groups, random-sample survey, and high school survey conducted with Calamus residents!

Public Input

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Community Coach | Hometown Pride

Francis Boggus

Design Team

Meg Flenker, PLA, ASLA, CPESC, CPSWQ, Flenker Land Architecture Consultants, LLC

Timothy J. Hillberry, Intern

Paola Monllor-Torres, Intern

Program Manager | Trees Forever

Emily Swihart

Steering Committee

Lance Goettsch

Autumn Reiling

Grace Oldsen

Heather Whitman

Janet Donelson

Jessie Jacobi

Karragan Whitman

Rita Hart

Sharyl Banowetz

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There are no scheduled events at this time.


Volunteers Needed!

Good morning everyone,

Our Calamus Community Visioning Program, through the Calamus-Wheatland Hometown Pride group, needs a few more volunteers to attend our Roundtable event on the dates shown below. It will be a virtual event that aims to identify projects for our team to focus on developing throughout Calamus over the next few years (trails, beautification projects, downtown improvements, signage, railroad quiet zones, etc.).

This event will be just 1 hour in length and all we need is your phone number and email address to include you in the invite. We’d love to have your input on the wants and needs for the Calamus community. We need a variety of age groups and genders to make this process work properly.

Please share with me (through messenger) your phone number and email address upon acceptance.


How we’re structured

A few of you have mentioned that you’re a little confused on how we’re structured. If you’re on the ‘Community Visioning’ team, please realize that you’re automatically on the Calamus-Wheatland Hometown Pride team ? and that this ‘Community Visioning’ program is one of the grants/programs that C-W HTP was awarded!

Francis O. Boggus is the Clinton County ‘community coach’ for Hometown Pride.

Lance Goettsch is the lead contact for Calamus

April Carpenter is the lead contact for Wheatland

This diagram below should help explain who the parent groups are to Community Visioning, C-W Hometown Pride, Iowa Hometown Pride, and Keep Iowa Beautiful.

Feel free to invite anyone who may be interested in helping with any of our local projects.

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