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Meg Flenker, Flenker Land Architecture Consultants

Field Coordinator

Emily Swihart


Haoyue (Karma) Yang

Jue Jue (JJ) Wai Hin Thaw

Steering Committee

Verlyn Dietz

Brent Arp

Brent Puck

Austin Burt

Paul Stagg

Jason Holdorf

Larry Koberg

Joe Quick

Kelly Quick

Kirk Koberg

Stacey Koberg

Mike Byington

Reed Hagen

Josie Dietz

Dillon Burt

Ellie Holdorf

Chris Hebbel

Lisa Hagen

Mike Avise

Bernie Brus

Karla Burt

Chad Burt

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There are no scheduled events at this time.


Steering Committee Meeting- Thursday, January 10, 2019

The Walcott Steering Committee will be meeting on Thursday, January 10 at 6:30pm at City Hall. The committee will begin planning our Transportation Assets and Barriers event.

  • Emily Swihart- this is also an event
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