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Just Imagine

Good morning. Yesterday I added a new “feature” to the HIKES portion of my blog where I am starting to track how much trash and how many recyclables me and my “scurry” pick up when we go walking around Tama-Toledo. [Edit: I recently moved the HIKES portion of my blog to a new site of its own, at I’m updating links here now.] I also posted another “hike” that I think might be of particular interest to my CV committee counterparts in Tama:

Just imagine. Enjoy.


Community Visioning Issues in My Blog

I’ve been blogging, both personal and work-related posts, for a few years now, but just lately I’ve decided to turn some of my personal stories toward potential Community Visioning (CV) issues.

I Like to Walk

This is the subtitle of the new HIKES section of my personal blog, because I DO like to walk. [Edit: I recently moved the HIKES portion of my blog to a new site of its own, at I’m updating links here now.] When I walk — whether for exercise, enjoyment, or just to go places — I almost always wear my Apple Watch. Unless I forget, and I often do, I’ll tap my watch at the start and end of my walk (or bike ride) to capture a record of that experience.

Last weekend I decided I should harvest that Apple Watch data and find a way to post it to my blog. The HIKES section of my blog [now its own site], at, is the result.

If you visit my HIKES list (currently about 710 logs) I recommend looking for logs that are highlighted in bold typeface, those are logs that I’ve supplemented with an associated story and/or photos. The photos I’ve posted lately were taken to help demonstrate barriers, and perhaps some of the potential, that exist for pedestrians and bike riders in and around Toledo.

Posts that might be of particular interest to other walkers, bikers, and community planners, include:

I hope some of this data might help the professionals who are working on behalf of Community Visioning cities, and I hope others find these logs and photos to be interesting conversation starters. If you find yourself interested, please revisit this Toledo CV website and consider joining the CV process if you can. My friends in Tama should also know that Tama also has a CV website and project in 2021.

Apart from logs, stories, and photos found in my HIKES section, I’ve also posted one (thus far) regular blog post that might be of interest to those involved in the CV projects. That post, titled One of Many Challenges, is available at

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