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Click on the link to explore Tama through a series of maps that illustrate the history and characteristics of the landscape, including topography, elevation, watersheds, vegetation, and circulation.

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Public Input

To learn more about and to sign up for the transportation focus groups for Tama, click on the Public Input button below.

Public Input

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Patty Reisinger, Trees Forever

Steering Committee

Matthew Beatty

Shayna Zmolek

Mike Carnahan

Laura Galvez

Karen Mixdorf

Jerimi Kopsa

Dave Cantonwine

Sue Harrington

Jennifer Perez

Warren & Shelly Riley

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Sierra Berger

Jonathan Meyer

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Aubrey Rhinehart

Daniel Rodriguez-Rivera

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Project Reports

Upcoming Events


Tama Transportation Assets & Barriers Workshops

Times vary by group. Preregistration is needed. Zoom

Tama is participating in the 2021 Community Visioning Program. Iowa State University is gathering information from community members to learn your opinions on how to improve the community’s landscape through transportation enhancements.

The goal of this project is to develop a landscape plan that illustrates the vision of Tama. Your input is an important part of this process and your ideas about community design and enhancement are valuable to the Tama visioning committee.

9am-10:30 : Steering Committee

9am – 10:30am: Youth (ages 13-18)

10:30-noon: Active recreation users

10:30-noon   Youth (ages 9-12)

Noon-1:30pm: Mobility Impaired

Noon-1:30pm Parents

1:30 – 3pm: Older adults


Tama Visioning Committee meeting

5pm Zoom

Bioregional information.


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