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Click on the link to explore Shell Rock through a series of maps that illustrate the history and characteristics of the landscape, including topography, elevation, watersheds, vegetation, and circulation.

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Upcoming Events

There are no scheduled events at this time.


Shell Rock Visioning June 23 6pm

Shell Rock Visioning steering committee meeting on June 23  6pm to 8pm at the ESB  (building).    We will sent goals for the design team.


Coming soon:  A design workshop will be held in Shell Rock.   Residents are encouraged to drop by to give feedback.  Date to be announced soon.


What is Community Visioning?

According to its website, the Community Visioning Program integrates landscape planning and design with sustainable action to empower community leaders and volunteers in making meaningful decisions about the local landscape.

Shell Rock residents are working closely with experts from Trees Forever, a landscape architect, and the ISU Department of Landscape Architecture to create a transportation enhancement plan reflecting the values and identity of the community.

Throughout the process, the committee will identify and investigate the landscape issues, set goals, and develop implementation plans for meeting those goals.

Successful completion of the visioning process results in a transportation enhancement plan and implementation strategies that empower communities to build meaningful townscapes, step by step, as resources become available.

Interested citizens from Shell Rock submitted an application to participate in the Community Visioning Program for 2022. It is a wonderful opportunity for our community to have been selected, and we look forward to the ideas and improvements that will make Shell Rock an even better place to live, work, and visit.

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