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Community Report

Reinbeck is situated along Highway 175 on the east side of Grundy County. It is connected to the towns of Grundy Center, Morrison, and Holland by the Pioneer Trail, which is located on a former rail line. Reinbeck was a visioning community in 2005, which resulted in the partial completion of a walking path in Elmwood Park, as well as new playground equipment. In 2020, community priorities include connecting Pioneer Trail to town, improving the Highway 175 corridor, and enhancing the downtown streetscape. 

Community Assessments

A random-sample survey and focus groups and a survey among high school students revealed that creating a better pedestrian/cyclist connection to Pioneer Trail is a high priority. Missing and broken sidewalks are considered a barrier to walking and biking. In addition to improved connectivity, residents would like better lighting, enhanced neighborhood streetscapes, and more opportunities for physical activity. 


Walk-By Workshop

Reinbeck, you’re invited to Community Visioning’s Walk-By Workshop!

Due to restrictions placed by ISU for in-person meetings, our “normal” workshop cannot occur. A walk-by workshop is a series of window displays with conceptual images and plans that would have occurred during our day long workshop. These ideas are just getting started! We need YOUR help to improve upon them. RITLAND+KUIPER Landscape Architects will be collecting comments until August 17th!

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