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Your Help is Needed in Bringing Trails & Safe Routes to School to our Community!

Dear Logan Community Member,

We are excited to inform you that our community has been awarded a $100,000 MATCH Grant from The Wellmark Foundation that will go towards funding the development of safe routes to school and recreational trails within Logan! Earning this grant was made possible by the hard work of our Community Visioning team, who wrote the grant application and shared a compelling case for the importance of this needed amenity and the significant positive impact it can have within our town.

As you may recall, Logan participated in the Iowa’s Living Roadways Community Visioning Program throughout 2022. Based on this year-long planning process and the results of our committee’s recent prioritization survey, it is clear our community members desire safe routes to school and recreational trails to engage in active living that will increase the health and safety of Logan residents and visitors. With the help of The Wellmark Foundation and other donations/grants, we can start bringing this critical need to life. With this first grant award and local donations to date, we have secured just over 50% of Phase 01 total cost, which is estimated at $550,000! Thank you to our initial donors!!

We are continuing to apply for several other grant opportunities, and are asking our community to help out! We strongly believe this initiative will make a positive impact in our small-town, and we hope you will consider making a tax-deductible donation to this worthy cause. Your participation will not only help raise more funds, but it will demonstrate Logan’s commitment to supporting the health and safety of our community – today and long into the future. This is an excellent opportunity to come together and show our solidarity, generosity, and civic responsibility.

We welcome donations of any amount, and every dollar counts. The Community Visioning team will track all donations over time to ensure we properly recognize those who want to be recognized. We have identified recognition levels of giving below; however, we want to be transparent in that we have not yet identified exactly how donors will be recognized within the built environment at this time.

Level 4 – $1,000 – $1,999

Level 3 – $2,000 – $4,999

Level 2 – $5,000 – $9,999

Level 1 – $10,000 +

If you are interested in donating, the City of Logan is accepting donations on behalf of the Community Visioning team. One-time donations and pledges over time will be accepted. We ask that you designate your donation to ‘Community Visioning’.

Please contact City Hall at 712-644-2425 or any of our Community Visioning team members listed with any questions you may have. Let’s work together towards creating safer and more accessible routes to/from school for our families! Thank you for your consideration.

Logan Community Visioning Team



Welcome to the Logan Community Visioning 2022 page! Please follow along to learn more about the program, stay up to date on what’s happening with the program throughout the year and beyond, and how you can become involved and provide your input!