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Dowtown Bedford

Community Report

Bedford (population 1,398), the county seat of Taylor County in southwest Iowa, is situated at the intersection of State Highways 2 and 148. The beautiful red brick pavers that cover the downtown streets are a staple of its rich history. However, the historic district has many downfalls, including aging infrastructure, expensive street upkeep, and the loss of many historic buildings.

Community Assessments

The assessment process revealed that residents value the town’s recreation areas, including Lake of Three Fires and Bibbins Park. Unfortunately, the effects of aging have taken their toll on some of these areas. The brick streets downtown are also valued because they reflect Bedford’s history and add character to the area. However, street maintenance takes funding away from sidewalk upkeep. Many other roads in town are in poor condition and lack sidewalks. The community hopes to address these concerns to make Bedford a safe and beautiful place to call home.

Planning and Design Summary

The Bedford steering committee set priorities that addressed the concerns of residents and the design team developed a concept plan consisting of the following components:

  • Pedestrian Connectivity — Create continuous, accessible sidewalks throughout the community; improve existing trails; and add a pedestrian bridge at the ball fields.
  • Improved Visibility — Add/enhance crosswalks and traffic signage, employ traffic-calming methods such as street trees, and install bump-outs at intersections to reduce crossing lengths and improve visibility.
  • Way-finding and Identity — Create a family of way-finding signage that incorporates elements that reflect Bedford’s identity and add site furnishings and streetscape plantings.

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