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Project Reports


Wellsburg Community Visioning Kickoff


Walk-By Workshop going on now!

Visioning Walk-By Workshop!

After the community focus group meetings in February we came up with the following areas as the most mentioned things to work on for your community: 1. parks and pool/splash pad area, 2. sidewalks and 3. main street updates.

So, we need your help again Wellsburg residents! Go up to main street anytime between now and July 9th and check out the 4 windows of the old Shabby Shack/Cordes Hardware building. Start with the window on the south side of the building. Here are the instructions (also posted on the windows). PLEASE remember social distancing and hand sanitizing while attending this workshop.

Window 1 – Information about the visioning process
Window 2 – Check out the pool/splash pad/park ideas and possible plans. Also, get a baggie of supplies from under this window – the baggie has stickers for voting on window 3 and 4 and notecards for leaving feedback.
Window 3 – Task A – Main street ideas – please use the small red stickers to vote on the option for main street that you like the best. One sticker per person.
Window 4 – Task B – Sidewalk updating/fixing ideas – here you vote for the area that you feel needs the most work on the sidewalks in town – use another red sticker here. Key for the map: Red lines – No sidewalk currently, Yellow lines – sidewalk needs improvement, Green lines – sidewalk is in good shape. Again, just one sticker per person.

Don’t like what you see? Have other ideas? Want to give some feedback? In your baggie of supplies you will find a new pen and a couple note cards. Put your ideas/suggestions/thoughts on the cards and place in the tub in front of the windows. Or you can email Samantha Price at – she is the associate helping with design ideas.

The Community Visioning Committee will meet after this walk-by workshop is complete to go over the voting and comments/suggestion and work through the next steps.

Thank you so much for your assistance with this process! We are excited to get things moving again!! Please let us know if you have any questions about this part of the process. Check out the short video in the comments of this post. 😀


71 Residents Participated in Wellsburg Focus Groups

On February 22, residents from all walks of life showed up at AGWSR Wellsburg Center to offer their opinions about the transportation system in the community.

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