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Project Reports


Community Report

Named for railroad man C.T. Granger, Granger (population 1,244) has a history that is intertwined with transportation infrastructure. Up until the 1960s, it was a way point on two key railroad lines in central Iowa. Currently, with two major highways dividing new developments from Granger proper, connectivity is the primary goal for Granger’s participation in community visioning.

Community Assessments

The results of the focus-group and random-sample survey assessments show that Highways 141 and 17 are considered barriers, particularly for pedestrians and cyclists. The assessments also reinforce the importance of trails and trail connections to residents. People want pedestrian/cyclists connections not only within Granger, but to the wealth of regional trails in the area.

Planning and Design Summary

Resident input played an important role in the goal-setting process, through which the Granger visioning committee identified the following projects:

  • Highways 169 and 17, Sycamore Street, and State Street – Improve pedestrian safety and promote traffic calming with new crosswalks at high-traffic highways and local streets.
  • Local Trails – Create a loop trail system along Oxley Creek and Highway 141 to connect downtown, parks, and schools to neighborhoods.
  • Regional Trail Connections – Develop separate and on-road bike trails to provide direct access between Granger and Jester Park, the Raccoon River Valley Trail, the High Trestle Trail, Beaver Avenue Trail, and cities in the north Des Moines metro area.
  • Downtown/Main Street – Implement enhanced way-finding and improve the aesthetic character of Main Street.
  • Community Gateways – Add iconic gateway monuments and park space along Highway 141 to attract passersby and welcome them to Granger.



An Invitation to Participate

…In Designing Your Community
Granger is participating in the 2017 Community Visioning Program. Iowa State University is gathering information from community members to learn your opinions on how to improve the community’s landscape through transportation enhancements. Your input is an important part of this process and your ideas about community design and enhancement are valuable to the Granger Visioning Committee.

Watch your mailbox for a survey…
Iowa State University is mailing survey packets to randomly selected residents during January. If you receive a packet, kindly complete the questionnaire and mail it to ISU in the postage-paid envelope provided.
Other ways to become involved…
Join the visioning committee
Participate in program workshops
Contact Sarah Taylor Watts at 515-707-7296 to learn more

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